About Us

The company "RMN plates" is a privately-owned company that consists of a group of shareholders who trade car number plates in different emirates of U.A.E. and mobile numbers in U.A.E. telecommunication networks. Before establishing the company, the members were trading as enthusiasts until they decided to start the practice officially. Since 2014, the company was officially established with the trading of Dubai car number plates as a major practice while associated with the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai (RTA).

The rules for Dubai car and motorbike plates trade were officially set years ago through the introduction of plates as private property and the ability to own a previously unowned plate. That means customers can buy plates and never risk losing them or paying reservation fees to the RTA. It also means that owners of Dubai plates can resale the number plate freely.

Today we have served thousands of customers with satisfaction through our website (www.plates.ae), extensive network of social media accounts (Instagram: @uae_plate, @rmn_plate & Facebook: Plates_ae), and through recommendations from happy customers.

We satisfy our customers by providing a variety of different numbers to suit all tastes and by providing competitive services for a fair price. Our services include high availability at the maximum number of hours in a day and throughout the week at our contact number (00971509080500) via Whatsapp and calls, and the ability to reach the nearest RTA center to our customers promptly. In addition to the ability to finish the sale online eliminating the need for the customer to be present for the sale. After buying the number, the owner can choose to put it on his car, transfer it to someone else, or keep it on their file indefinitely.

We strive to understand our customers, so we insure that we get feedback from customers constantly through surveys and after sale.

We have a huge number of returning customers who like our high quality to price services.

Products we sell include 3-digit numbers, 4-digit numbers, and 5-digit numbers each with a number of different codes and patterns to please all tastes.